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Ask someone searching for international real estate where they have looked and you might think they are simply reading from a map: Asia, Europe, South America, Central America. If you ask someone who has purchased property in the last few years where they bought, they will likely tell you Panama. Panama real estate has become extremely popular among those looking to retire, invest or relocate to a foreign country. Panama has incredible weather, many similarities with the US and Canada, and Panama real estate is still an excellent value. No matter the type of home you seek or your geographic preference, Panama has something that will no doubt interest you.

Panama is geographically superior to most of its Central American neighbors. Below the hurricane belt, Panama is not affected by the annual hurricane season. Panama is bounded on south by the Pacific Ocean, the north by the Caribbean Sea, the east by Columbia and the west by Costa Rica. The country has 1,600 miles of ocean coastline, a ridge of extinct volcanic mountains that make up its backbone. The weather varies depending on where you are in the country and this diversity only enhances the variety offerings in Panama’s real estate.

Connecting Central America to South America, Panama is very unique, both in Latin America and the world as well. Panama possesses many of the same benefits as the United States and Europe without the pressures of the western world lifestyle. Panama has many similarities such as a democratically elected government, freedom of speech and religion and even the same currency as the US.

In addition, it is estimated that 14% of Panamanians speak English which makes the transition from the US, Canada or Europe much easier. The big differences between Panama and these other countries, however, are in real estate. Panama real estate is much more affordable than that in North America or most other places in the world.

Panama real estate offers a wide range of living and investment options. Panama City is alive with real estate opportunities; houses, condos, townhouses and apartments are being built so rapidly that the skyline of the city seems to change almost daily. Throughout the country’s nine provinces you can find great real estate possibilities. From the Darien province on the Columbian border to the Chiriquí province on the Costa Rican border, Panama real estate is home to many great deals with prices being well below the rates in Europe or the US.

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Updated: March 20, 2019 — 10:06 am