Cheap Mexico Beachfront Lots – Does $3.5 Billion Mean Anything?


During 2010, private sector investment from foreign sources in Mexico reached $3.5 billion USD! There are two important points for you. One, big-time international investors are very confident in Mexico’s economy; the other, you can cash in on this country’s great opportunities with much less money than that, investing in cheap Mexico beachfront lots for less than $50,000 USD!

The three biggest investors in Mexico’s private sector were the U.S., with an investment of $374.2 million USD, Spain, in second place with and investment of $61.6 million USD and, closely behind, Canada, which invested $60.2 million USD. Channeled investment in 2010 helped develop 869 projects, which contrasts with the 500 projects from the previous year, or the equivalent of a 73.8% increase.

These three are also the biggest players in real estate development, and the U.S. and Canada top personal real estate sales.

What does this mean for you – someone thinking of investing in Mexico on a smaller budget? Large corporations and the well-to-do from these three countries, as well as many other countries around the world, have confidence in Mexico’s emerging economy and are willing to invest large amounts here.

But as we’ve said above, you don’t have to be talking about large corporations or being a millionaire to gain from Mexico’s economic growth.

Consider these cheap Mexico beachfront lots in the state of Campeche on the Yucatan Peninsula. The lots themselves are directly on a beautiful beachfront, each with 66 ft of beach frontage, they have direct access to a federal highway, connections for electricity, water and phone and building permits.

They are only 45 minutes away from the colonial state capital, called “Campeche,” which has recently invested in beautifying its very well preserved historic center. They are less than 30 minutes away from a new golf course and marina. There are many activities appearing nearby, as well as restaurants and picturesque village waterfronts in response to the area’s growing tourism.

The lots cost less than $50,000 USD! Add a house to this cost, about 1500 sq. ft., and you’re right around $150,000 USD. With a few extra features and any other costs that show up, you’re still well below $175,000 USD.

Just about anywhere else on the Peninsula a home on a beachfront lot like this would be worth upwards of $600,000, and near $1 million in a number of places; Campeche looks a lot like these places did 10 years ago.

So, if you want to cash in on Mexico’s economic growth, take a look at the confidence of the big time investors; but forget about their millions – think about what you can do starting with just $50,000!

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